McCulloch VS57 Flathead Ford Supercharger Bracket

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We all know that the McCulloch VS57 superchargers has forever been one of the very coolest and most effective modifications you can bolt on to your beloved Flathead V8. The blowers are readily available at a reasonable cost, but the problem has been finding the ultra-scarce flathead blower mount and tensioner. 
Nystrom Performance has solved that problem, making it easy for you bolt a McCulloch onto your stock or modified flatty! Our McCulloch VS57 Supercharger to Ford Flathead V8 mounting bracket is cast of high alloy aluminum and heat treated for added strength, dimensioned and revised from an original bracket for added rigidity and longevity. The tensioner arm rides on a flanged bronze bushing and zinc thrust bushing, and utilized a sealed ball bearing idler pulley. The entire assembly is all bolted together with stainless steel hardware and thread locker. All machined surfaces are cut via CNC for the utmost precision. The bracket mounts your supercharger on the original generator mount requiring that you re-locate your generator or alternator using an aftermarket bracket.