5" Dual Carb Linkage

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Here is our kit for coupling two carburetors together up to 5 inches apart. 


2x Linkage arms

1x  5 1/2"stainless connecting shaft

  We set out out to design and manufacture an elegant linkage setup, that matches your build in quality and ascetics. Each arm is meticulously carved out of 6061 aluminum and given a tumbled finish. An oil-lite bronze bushing is pressed into the swivel end to ensure longevity and smooth motion. Retained in the bushing is a bespoke stainless steel swivel that fastens to a 3/16 rod. The swivel is retained by an E-clip, and is tightly toleranced to avoid slop and premature wear. Both screws are 304 stainless steel. Arm's overall length of 1.95"

Made in USA