Air Cleaner

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    Here is our finned air cleaner. This assembly is comprised of upper and lower cast aluminum bodys, sandwiching a  3-7/8" washable reuseable air filter element (PN #91011014) and a purpose made 304 stainless screen. The assembly is held together with stainless hardware and is fastened to the carburetor with a stainless 10-24 machine screw along with a jam nut to keep everything secure.

The air cleaners fit both Holley 94s and Stromberg 97s. They are designed to fit without interference between tightly packed inline carburetors. Upon flow testing the unit, we found that it yeilds a very minimal 6 percent reduction in airflow (other common air cleaners yield 15 to 46 percent restriction). We offer them both in a raw cast finish, as well as a light polished finish.

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Air cleaners are approximately 6.25" wide by 4.71" long by 3.20 inches tall.